Vehicle Extrication

Sooke Fire Rescue Services attends all serious motor vehicle incidents (MVI) within the District of Sooke and surrounding areas.  We provide rescue and patient care to all injured persons, and mitigate any hazards to the environment.

Highway 14 (Sooke/West Coast Rd) continues to prove to be a challenging road. Sooke Fire Rescue Service responds to 60- 80 MVI’s per year, the majority occur on Highway 14.

Extrication tools and equipment are carried on two Sooke fire apparatus.  This provides the ability to respond to two separate incidents at the same time, anywhere in the region. In addition, firefighters will ensure that the emergency scene is safe for other responding agencies by controlling other hazards as a result of a collision. This can include downed power lines, fuel spills, and fires. Vehicles are also stabilized to prevent further movement or injury to patients.

Working with ambulance paramedics, firefighters will remove the patients in the safest and most efficient manner. Sooke Firefighters are well trained in extrication techniques. Constant updating of skills is necessary to keep pace with the numerous changes in automobile manufacturing and safety requirements. Several members of Sooke Fire Rescue have taken this training one step further, having competed in auto extrication competitions throughout BC and Alberta including two trips to World Extrication Competitions.