Volunteer Recognition

The District of Sooke recognizes that volunteerism has played a major role throughout the history of Sooke in the betterment of the community in a great variety of ways. For example, the Sooke Community Association was formed in 1934 to help raise money for a new community hall and has been called “one of the most effective volunteer civic groups in Canada”. With over 180 known volunteer organizations in the area, Sooke has claimed the name “Volunteer Capital of Canada” and proudly displays the title on the “Welcome to Sooke” sign.

The District of Sooke chose 2001, the International Year of the Volunteer, to initiate a program recognizing long-time volunteers who have made significant contributions of benefit to Sooke and/or the surrounding region. This program is now ongoing with the last Volunteer Recognition Ceremony held March, 2013. The next ceremony will be held in April 2017 to coincide with National Volunteer Week and the Canada 150 celebrations.

If you wish to nominate someone for recognition, please complete and submit the Nomination Form by November 30, 2016. Nominations must be submitted by a non-profit organization or a group of not less than three individuals unrelated to the nominee.

Volunteer Nomination Form

The District of Sooke invites everyone to recognize Sooke Region’s outstanding volunteers by nominating a citizen for a Sooke Volunteer Award.

Volunteer Award Recipients to 2013

For more information, contact the District of Sooke at:
Tel: (250) 642-1634 Fax: (250) 642-0541