District of Sooke Proposes new Firearms and Bow Use Bylaw

News Release – December 14, 2016

[Sooke, BC] – At the December 12, 2016, Regular Council meeting, Mayor and Council gave 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading to a proposed bylaw that regulates the discharge of firearms and bows within the municipality. The proposed bylaw does not change the regulation for discharging a firearm within the District; discharging a firearm is currently prohibited and will continue to be prohibited.

The proposed bylaw does allow exemptions to the prohibition, including farm operations use, recreational use of bows, low velocity air guns use, and use by appointed officers while acting in the line of duty. Those that may be able to discharge a firearm or bow within the municipality must do so in compliance with the proposed bylaw, provincial and federal legislation, and be in possession of the appropriate permits.

All proposed exemptions are contained in the proposed bylaw, which can be viewed here.

A penalty may be administered to anyone who violates, fails to comply, or commits an offence and is found liable, with any provision of this bylaw. Upon conviction, a fine can be issued, at a minimum of $500 and maximum of $10,000, as per federal regulations.

This Bylaw is being considered for adoption at the January 9th, 2017, Regular Council meeting.


Media Contact:
Teresa Sullivan
Chief Administrative Officer
District of Sooke
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