Coronavirus response – outdoor burning and use of park play structures discouraged

March 20, 2020
[Sooke, BC]


In consideration  of the health and well being of the community and your neighbours – despite fires currently being permitted to allow yard cleanup – the Fire Department recommends that residents consider postponing their burning while people are being asked to stay at home to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you must burn, please be considerate of your neighbours and be mindful of, and minimize, smoke by ensuring debris is dry, shorten burning periods and move piles as far away from property lines and structures as possible. Familiarize yourself with the burning regulations and be sensitive to those around you. Burning in the Sewer Specified Area (SSA) is only permitted when Venting Index is GOOD or FAIR. For example, today, March 20th, it is noted as being POOR – this means NO backyard burning today in the Sewer Specified Area. Small campfires are permitted – clean, split wood only, with 2 feet diameter max. Residents are being relied upon at this time to be reasonable and considerate.  LEARN BEFORE YOU BURN! 

Burning Regulations
Venting Index – scroll down to SRN VAN ISLD


District of Sooke discourages use of play structures at this time as it not possible to effectively clean equipment on an ongoing basis.

Signs have been posted at the following playgrounds:

  1. Broomhill Park
  2. Woodland Creek Park
  3. Brooks Park
  4. Sunriver Tot Lot
  5. Burr Park

Residents are encouraged to play in, and enjoy, Sooke’s abundant natural areas. Thank you for your cooperation and play safe!


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