BC Transit – Mandatory Face Coverings Required to Ride

As of August 24th, BC Transit will implement a mandatory face-covering policy, which means if you want to ride you will need to bring your own face covering. They have communicated this new change since the beginning of August which will ensure passengers and staff feel safe while utilizing the services provided by BC Transit. 

Communication activities BC Transit has undertaking include:

  • Social media posts about the mandatory face-covering policy
  • Frequent announcements through NextRide
  • A pop-up banner on the main page of BCTransit.com 
  • Paid social media ads 
  • Radio ads 
  • A customer alert to all systems from BC Transit communications 
  • A reminder media advisory to all media province-wide 
  • Bus stop signs and information bulletin cards have been installed by operating companies and local governments 
  • Destination blinds displaying “Face coverings mandatory”  

If you have any questions please contact the BC Transit:
Telephone: 250-880-1303.