Public Boat Launch and Prestige Hotel

MARCH 2014: Public boat launch management plan

  • April 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm
  • Council Chambers, 2205 Otter Point Road, Sooke, B.C.
  • Public Information Package


Boat Launch and Parking Fee

At their September 10th, 2012 meeting, District of Sooke Council approved a fee for the launching a boat and vehicle parking at the public boat launch on West Coast Road. One fee of $10 will be payable for both launching a boat and parking. The fee will be deposited into a box located near the boat ramp. Parking will be monitored.


The following report is to provide an outline of the process and chronology of events for the District of Sooke purchase of property and development of a public boat launch on West Coast Road and the partnership with Prestige Sooke Holdings Ltd. for the conference centre facilities.

Key Points:

  • Sooke EDC - bringing a hotel to Sooke initiative
  • Rezoning and subdivision of Prestige property
  • District of Sooke purchase of boat launch property adjacent to hotel
  • Boundary adjustment between Prestige and District property and shared easement for parking, access, etc.
  • Partnering agreement for conference centre
  • Construction of boat launch
  1. Timeline as at January 12, 2011
  2. Online grant application for BC-Canada Infrastructure Stimulus Program and Contribution Agreement
  3. Contribution Agreement - Infrastructure Grant
  4. Informational Report as at January 12, 2011
  • Sooke Economic Development Commission Minutes October 3,
  • Bylaw No. 416, Zoning Amendment Bylaw (270-62) – Prestige Hotel
    & Resort Comprehensive Development Zone (CD-8)  Public Hearing Package and Meeting Packages for October 20th, 2009 - including:
    o Public Hearing – Prestige Hotel and Resort Comprehensive Development Zone (CD-8)
    o Public Information – Partnering Agreement
    o Public Information – Boundary Adjustment Subdivision
    o Geotechnical Report
    o Traffic Impact Assessment
    o Archaeological Impact Assessment – site inspection
    o Archaeological Impact Assessment – heritage
    o Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (PLC A&B)
    o Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (PLC C)
    o Stormwater Site Plan
  • Section 219 Covenant (Comprehensive Development Agreement)
    as registered in the Victoria LTO
  • Plans VIP87914 and VIP87915, Easement, Covenant as registered
    in Victoria LTO
  • Development Permit
  1. Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Page 491
  2. Dredged Material Management/Disposal Option Page 635
  3. Fisheries and Oceans Canada Authorization
  4. First Nations Letters of Support -T'Sou-ke and Beecher Bay
  5. Application for Crown Land Tenure - Private Moorage with maps (updated sketch Jan 2011)
  6. Environmental Mid-construction report of Boat Launch
  7. Environmental Remediation - FLORENCE FILBERG
  8. Design Drawings January 25, 2011
  9. Request for Proposal - Boat Launch

12. Contracted Service Agreement - Heavy Metal Marine

13. Partnering Agreement 2013 - Prestige Sooke Holdings Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are we paying for the foreshore lease for the boat launch?

The water based works for the District of Sooke boat launch required an application for Crown Tenure - Licence of Occupation from the Ministry of Natrual Resource Operations. The District of Sooke is responsible for the nominal fee of $1.00 for 2011, the Ministry will advise as to the fee for 2012.

2. Are there fuel tanks in the ground for the fueling station that will be at the boat launch?

The District of Sooke does not have a fuel station or tank on its boat launch or property. There is a fuel tank on the Prestige Oceanfront Resort property which will not be operational until such time as a marina is built by the Resort on their property.

3. What are the conditions of the Building Canada Fund federal/provincial grant?

The District of Sooke applied for and received a grant to construct the boat lunch under the Canada - British Columbia Building Canada Fund - Communities Component program. A copy of the application is included in the Informational Report listed above. The Contribution Agreement between the District of Sooke and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure dated September 24th, 2010 outlines the conditions of the grant.

  • Letter received from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure re: approved funding claim.